MAATAR Is For Global Audience: Writer Michael Pellico

April 20th, 2017 | by Chandan Bhushan
MAATAR Is For Global Audience: Writer Michael Pellico

CEO for the Central Board of Film Certification Anurag Shrivastava has refuted media report that Raveena Tandon starrer unconventional Bollywood movie ’MAATR has been banned. He has confirmed that the Hindi movie scheduled to be released on April 21 is being evaluated by the concerned committee. “The screening of the movie Maatr for CBFC was done on Saturday evening and at the moment there is no screening of Maatr again. Ban on the movie is false, as the examination committee is still in process and the result will be conveyed in a day or two,” he was quoted as saying. The rape scenes and alleged violent feel of the film had gossip mongers talking about a possible ban on ‘Maatr’.The screening of this film had also sparked controversy after the members of Censor Board walked out of the theatre after ten minutes. While a source told a leading daily that the board was unimpressed with the content and felt the script did not match with what was shown in the film, producer Anjum Rizvi said that the walkout was due to technical glitch.

On the basis of rumours, some eminent film makers including Amol Palekar have gone public demanding restructuring the CBFC alleging its policy is not sync with the changing mindset of the people. The film in which yesteryear’s ravishing beauty Raveena plays the lead showcases how it is an arduous task for a wronged woman to get justice even in the capital of the world’s largest democracy, a leading economic plus military power. Maatr is a story about Vidya played by Raveena Tandon, who is forced to take the law in her hand after her daughter Tia’s gruesome rape takes place. The matter gets worse when this case is interrupted by the politicians as well as the judiciary. Having failed to enlist support from anywhere, Vidya has no option but to seek revenge of her daughter’s murder and punish the wrongdoers. Set under the backdrop of Delhi, her fight for justice becomes murkier when some influential politicians interfere. But she remains determined to avenge her daughter’s murder and punish the wrongdoers. Who will help the spirited lady as the entire system is against her? We may be reading almost daily about such incidents in the media but none of us go into details of their lonely fight against the high and mighty.

We appreciate this kind of vigilante stories since these test our moral fabric .We also empathise with the wronged people but hesitate to endorse their actions as we are all law abiding citizens despite innocent persons, especially females, are targeted by the powerful  having money plus muscle  powers. It is regretted that the judiciary with due respect goes by the statutes in such cases. In the case of Maatr, emotions win out as reel life imitates real life, and fed up of incessant reportage of rape incidents in the country, you crave that someone gets justice even if it’s of the vigilante kind, as one critic says after viewing its trailer.”Raveena Tandon, as the mother is utterly convincing as her eyes reflect pain and determination in equal measure. Her silences speak as much as the words she uses. If there is a bone to pick with her presence, it is with the constant neatness of her hair so at odds with her mental turmoil. Matching her at every step is Anurag Arora, the inspector investigating the case who suspects what’s going on but can’t seem to figure out how it is all happening. Madhur Mittal is suitably loutish, and though Divya Jagdale is a tad shrill she is effective nevertheless.

Incidentally, it is Ashtar Sayed’s debut film as director and he has done his the assignment competently. Michael Pellico has penned the story Manoj Magarr, the editor, has shortened the length of the movie 113 minutes. We should leave it to audience for reaction to the graphic violence and the rape scenes in the movie. The vendetta-driven plot of Raveena Tandon’s comeback movie, ‘Maatr’, may be set in the heart of India, but its theme is relevant all over the world, says the writer of this intensely gripping drama, Michael Pellico

The Deccan Chronicle writes :Michael is essentially a producer who is known for his association with films like ‘Tim Timmerman’, ‘Hope of America’, ‘I See You’ (Short) and documentary ‘Queen Mimi’ but the plight of women in India and across the world promoted him to pen down this story that he is immensely passionate about and has complete faith in. ‘Maatr’, may be set in the heart of India, but its theme is relevant all over the world,  the American writer of this intensely gripping movie, tells the DC.

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