RANGOLI On Deepika Starrer Padmavati Vandalised

October 19th, 2017 | by eBangla Bureau
RANGOLI On Deepika Starrer Padmavati Vandalised


DEEPIKA Padukone, the Kannadiga beauty dominating Bollywood, has lost her cool for obvious reason. Deepika , who has combined beauty with brains as she has emerged as one of topmost Bollywood stars, has put her heart and soul to relive legendary Rajput beauty Padma or Padmavati on celluloid .Directed by celebrated movie maker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the story of love and lust ending in tragedy is slated to hit screens on December 1. Finding  no other  way out, Deepika has knocked the door of Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani, a famed TV star turned Politico, raising question of freedom of expression. Deepika says she feels heartbroken due to the attack on a Rangoli inspired by her upcoming film ‘Padmavati’.The rangoli in a Surat mall has been vandalised .It had taken rangoli artist Karan 48 hours to make it. Close to 100 people cried JAY SRI RAM and have” rubbed out my 48hrs’ intense work! Shocked,” Karan had tweeted after the incident. Deepika has appealed to Irani to look into the matter.”Absolutely heart breaking to see the recent attack on artist Karan and his artwork! Disgusting and appalling to say the least!” she posted along with a photograph of the rangoli. Deepika plays the titular role in the movie .Such attacks muzzled the freedom of expression, she said in a message to Smriti Irani.Depika said on Twitter:”Who are these people? Who is responsible for their actions? For how long are we going to let this go on? (Till when we will) Allow them to take law into their own hands & attack our freedom & right to individual expression time & again!?”This has to stop now and action must be taken @smritiirani.”

Shooting for the Hindi movie on fabled Rajput queen who had committed suicide along with several other royal ladies around 1303 to save themselves from the clutches of Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khilji was disrupted by several Rajputs under the banner of Karni Sena. Their accusation was that the history was being distorted in the period movie.  Bhansali himself was attacked by the members of Karni Sena during shooting of the film in Rajasthan. The  Karni Sena burnt posters of the film after the first look of the main characters — Padmavati (Deepika), Maharawal Ratan Singh (Shahid Kapoor) and Alauddin Khilji (Ranveer Singh) — was released. They also threatened to oppose the screening of the movie in theatres if the facts were distorted putting a question mark on its hassle free nation-wide release  .


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