SONIKA Case: Vikram Chatterjee Charged with Culpable Homicide for Her Death In Car Mishap

June 1st, 2017 | by Pranab Kumar Chakravarty
SONIKA Case: Vikram Chatterjee Charged with Culpable Homicide for Her Death In Car Mishap



BENGALI TV actor Vikram Chatterjee has been charged with culpable homicide, not amounting to murder, for causing death of model-anchor Sonika Singh Chauhan while driving inebriated in the wee hours of April 29.  Tollygunge’s model-actress used to anchor the Indian Pro Kabaddi League. Popular actor Vikram Chatterjee, stated to be in relationship with the 28 years old ill- fated Kolkata based actress, was in the driver’s seat while driving her home after a late night party. The charge framed against Vikram, if proved in a court of law, may land him in jail for a maximum of ten years. Vikram was reportedly heavily inebriated and was rash driving, said some witnesses. Kolkata Police has to be proactive under public pressure as it was alleged that ruling TMC was soft pedalling the case. It would have been written off as just another case of reckless driving by the city’s rich and entitled youths out for a joyride at 3 AM, but for the occupants of the car, says the DNA.

He was also seriously injured in the pre-dawn accident that occurred near the Rashbehari crossing in South Kolkata .The white sedan, according to cops, was hurtling from east to west while coming from the direction of Deshapriya Park towards the Rashbehari junction when it lost control, mounted the pavement, hit a footpath memorial, turned over and continued to spin till it hit a roadside shop and stopped. The impact was so severe that the concrete structure cracked up and the noise woke up people staying in the vicinity, Police said. Vikram crawled out of the car. But Sonika took the full impact of the crash and was bleeding from her head, ears and nose when Vikram, with the help of a few locals, brought her out. She was taken to a private hospital but bled to death around 4.50 AM IST. After preliminary inspection of the car, the police suspect that Sonika might not have been wearing the seat-belt though Vikram possibly had strapped himself .And perhaps that was why he might have survived the crash. Car technicians said air bags would not get deployed if the impact was angular and not directly frontal, reports TOI.Doctors and well-wishers, who visited Vikram later during the day, said the actor had suffered multiple injuries on the head, leg and other parts of body. He was first admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). “Vikram was admitted with a lacerated injury on his scalp. It was repaired immediately. He had been undergoing treatment under a team of doctors comprising general, orthopaedic and neurosurgeons and a general physician, Ruby Hospital’s Medical Director Dr Debasish Sarma said.Sonika was a renowned model turned actress in Kolkata. Not many people actually know her across the nation. The news of her accident has shocked the whole Bengali film and television industry, says TOI.Sonika, according to her friends, was a Kolkata based actress-cum-model. She was a student of La Martiniere Girls School and completed her higher education from Mount Carmel College. She was one of the most talented students from her batch who had an innate interest in music, dance and sports. She became a household name when she started anchoring the Pro Kabaddi League.

Vikram was booked under Section 304A (causing death by negligence) and 279 (rash driving) of the Indian Penal Code. He is out on bail on paying a bond of Rs 1,000 after surrendering before a court in Kolkata. Four friends of Chauhan have told the police in their statements that Vikram had consumed alcohol on 29 April when all of them were partying. Police say that there is almost no contradiction in their statements.HUFFPOST reports quoting Police that Sonika along with two women friends first went to The Myx on   Park Street where they had a few drinks. From here, they had proceeded to Phoenix at The Astor Hotel, which is close by, on Camac Street where they met two male friends apart from Vikram, who were all waiting outside. There is no denying that despite slapping Vikram with charges under Section 304A and 279 of the Indian Penal Code –IPC- the investigators prima facie will have an arduous task to substantiate the accusations. It is an open secret that the two ambitious guys were friendly and used to party together in the interest of their careers. Meanwhile, a senior official of Kolkata Police has gone on record saying “Vikram and Sonika were known to each other. They were friends, partying together, and Vikram  himself was injured in the mishap, and he could even have died in it. Therefore, it would have been difficult to prove in court that he had caused the accident intentionally. In nature, it did not appear culpable homicide”. Hence, let us wait for the truth to prevail in the judiciary since the investigators are sincerely trying to unravel the circumstances in which she lost her life.



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