Lessons from Ravana, Rama & Krishna

September 30th, 2016 | by Pranab Kumar Chakravarty
Lessons from Ravana, Rama & Krishna

A senior scribe says rightly on the eve of Devi Paksha, the Indian Army successfully launched and completed Surgical Operation against terrorists across the Line of Control (LOC). Devi Paksha after Pitri Paksha heralds commencement of Nav Ratra when Devi Durga is worshipped in Her nine incarnations by Hindu devotes and on the tenth day, one of the then powerful and megalomaniac, egotistic king called Ravana was assassinated. This day celebrated as VIJAY DASHAMI.

What is difference between Ravana and Lord Rama? In my point of view, Rama is not known to be egoistic, imperialistic; he is pledged to serve his people, a Samaritan.  He never misuses his power unlike Ravana. Rama is humble, respectful to all including his elders and elderly people. Ravana is just his opposite. Rama atones for killing Bali and Ravana. But can anyone cite an instance when Ravana atoned for his numerous misdeeds? Ravana became king after snatching his brother’s kingdom but Rama was rightful heir to kingdom of Ajodhya under the then law.

I respect Lord Krishna. He is also powerful, a handsome guy, always smiling, a Samaritan since childhood. I cannot vouch for whether he had patented FAIR & Lovely Cream! He learnt Shastras-religious scriptures and warfare at Sandipan Muni’s  Gurukul at Ujjain. But hardly uses physical strength. He was an ace diplomat and it was through diplomacy NOT by physical strength he humbled his opponents. He uses his knowledge for the benefit for people unlike Ravana. Krishna, to the best of my knowledge, never aspires to become a king although his wives were princes and he could have grabbed the throne at his will. He is so principled not to snatch it away from His maternal grandfather and elder brother Balaram who is also called Baldev, was the Crown Prince first at Mathura and then in  Dwarka now in southern Gujarat. Hence, 56 inch chest is necessary but should be used not for self-aggrandising. This is what we learn from Rama and Krishna.

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