WEST Bengal For All

November 17th, 2016 | by Pabitra Choudhury
WEST Bengal For All

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in an event with the Missionaries of Charity on November 4 declared that West Bengal is for all, irrespective of religious beliefs. This is true for the Christian Missionaries who enjoy all the support from the Government in all spheres of their expansion activities. Huge areas in South 24 Parganas, Canning, and Lakshmikantapur have become target areas for successful conversion schemes.

Truly, West Bengal is for the Muslims as well, as in districts after districts conversion by all different means are taking place all the time. Riots without any cause are started just in a normal day, to invoke element of surprise and awe on the Hindus and then starts relentless pressure in various ways to cleanse out the Hindus from their ancestral lands. Whenever any location gets Muslim majority, it becomes torturous for Hindus to live there. West Bengal and Bangladesh – both were lands of Vedic Hindu Sanatan Dharma for thousands of years. Islam was introduced several centuries back. Now Bangladesh is an Islamic country and Hindus are ruthlessly decimated to 8% from 30% even in 1947. In West Bengal, Muslim population jumped to 28%, officially, with equal jump in campaign of Hindu cleansing by sporadic violence. In this ancestral land of Hindus, this year the immersion day of Devi Durga, was in the same day with Muhuram. Against all the norms and practices of the majority Hindus, Mamata Banerjee’s Government ordered immersion of Goddess Durga to be completed by an arbitrary late afternoon timeline imposed by the Government, whereas allowed Muhuram to proceed till late night. Attacks on Durga puja processions, on Hindu temples and sudden attacks and riots are vented against the Hindus. Even in a Hindu majority area of Birbhum, a limited number of Muslim villagers objected to Hindu worship of Goddess Durga, as idol worshipping and threatened not to observe. The police did not help Hindus, neither the Mamata administration. So, Hindus, in their own ancestral land, are being treated as inferiors to Muslims. Hindu women are often subjected to harassment and are targets for rape, abduction and trafficking. These things are happening now not only on other side of border, Bangladesh, but in West Bengal as well. The beauty lies in fact that our own giant media conglomerates censor such news. Of course even any minor act of retaliation by Hindu is blared out.

United Nations used the word Asylum-seeker to define the people who are forced to flee their country for the sake of life, safety and security. Hindus from Bangladesh enter India on that condition just to save the life. The status of Refugee can be attributed to them. Modi Govt is trying to enact a law for the first time for the Hindu Refugees from Bangladesh that they will be given a legal status as Refugee and ultimate citizenship. Such benefit was earlier accorded to Hindu Refugees from Pakistan who entered Rajasthan and Gujarat. State Governments in those states at that time welcomed the Act.

Now in West Bengal, Mamata objected to the grant of citizenship to Hindu Refugees.  She wants the illegal Muslim infiltrators be offered with citizenship. In Bangladesh it is Islam that is the state religion.

Muslims in Bangladesh are from the majority-religious   group – the persecutors & tormentors and beneficiary of Hindu cleansing. They are not Refugee.

They enter India for economic opportunity, for subversive activities, for Jehadi causes, for spread of Islam toward ultimate goal of Khilafet and they vote for the states’ ruling  party with all the might they can bolster. A good number were the oppressors   to Hindus in Bangladesh.  Mamata wants to give them India’s citizenship.

The percentile of Muslims in West Bengal after the partition was in early teens, as Muslim concentrated areas went to Pakistan. Even   after migration of tens of millions of Hindus into West Bengal, the ratio of Muslims jumped close to 30%, instead of a steep drop. That happened havoc illegal infiltration of tormentor Muslims – courtesy of CPI-M – Congress and now Trinamool Congress.  Wishful Lax security made the border like open field. The only ideology to keep the inflow of Muslims is that it will increase the Muslim vote Bank and that singular vote bank will keep them in power inspite of total mis-governance. Just on November 16, the declaration estimated illegal Muslims infiltration from Bangladesh at ten millions.

West Bengal is besieged with shortage of land, food, water, shelter, employment and resources. How a Chief Minister wants to invite them when it is already a hunting ground of terrorists? She is fighting for retaining the old invalid currency notes when it is found that Malda at Bangladesh border is the hub of fake currency from Bangladesh amounting to thousands of crores wrecking India’s economy. The Centre must not pay heed to the dangerous plot and legislate for asylum and citizenship to the hapless tormented Hindu Refugees and not to ones belonging to the class of tormentors.

Remember! With all the foul-mouthing of Hindus by a section of Politicians, it is the Hindus in majority made India secular and democratic, But that openness is abused. Look .Just one state Jammu & Kashmir is Muslim majority – close to half a million Hindus there were raped, butchered and cleansed out from State. They are in abject misery in camps in other states for over 25 years. Our politicians are open arms for opportunists from Islamic theocracy, but will not even talk for the helpless Hindu victims, as it needs the courage to stand against the oppressors.

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