AADHAAR’s Biometrics Data Cannot Be Misused: UIDAI

March 7th, 2017 | by Pranab Kumar Chakravarty
AADHAAR’s Biometrics Data Cannot Be Misused: UIDAI
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THE Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has claimed that the information on individuals enrolled by it for AADHAR Cards is safe and secure. There was an instance of attempt to misuse the biometrics data. There is no cause for panic. The UIDAI, which administers the Aadhaar project, has made it clear after media reports on breach in the security of Aadhaar data for creating parallel databases.

“It is an isolated case of an employee working with a bank’s Business Correspondent’s company making an attempt to misuse his own biometrics which was detected by UIDAI internal security system and subsequently actions under the Aadhaar Act have been initiated,” the Electronics and IT Ministry said.

The UIDAI uses one of world’s most advanced encryption technologies in transmission and storage of data. “As a result, during the last seven years, there has been no report of breach or leak of residents’ data,” it said. GOI has announced that Aadhaar will be used for all benefit that will be linked to consolidated fund of India. The Aadhaar Bill for this act has been approved by Parliament. It was tabled in Parliament as money bill. About those individuals to whom Aadhaar number has not been assigned, the Act said that they “shall be offered alternate and viable means of identification for delivery of the subsidy, benefit or service”. The Aadhaar number, however, will not be a proof of citizenship or domicile.

“The Authority (UIDAI) shall take special measures to issue Aadhaar number to women, children, senior citizens, persons with disability, unskilled and unorganised workers, nomadic tribes or to such other persons who do not have any permanent dwelling house and such other categories of individuals as may be specified by regulations,” said the Act.

It has provision that both centre and state government can use Aadhaar for disbursal for benefits and subsidies. The Act provides for statutory backing to the UIDAI by providing for establishment of the Unique Identification Authority of India consisting of a Chairperson (part time or full time) and two Members (part time).The bill has penalty provision which includes imprisonment in the range of one to three years or penalty in the ranges of Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh for violation of the rules. Despite repeated clarification that Aadhaar cards are free, it appears that many centres across the country are charging Rs 100-300 for enrolling people for the unique identification number.

Meanwhile, the Govt has clarified that Aadhaar is a free service for the people on receipt of complaints that in some places the card seekers are being forced to pay.”We will look into the matter,” Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told reporters when asked about complaints against some Aadhaar centres charging fee for enrolling people.

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