AMNESTY International Welcomes Banning of Triple Talaq In India

August 25th, 2017 | by Sukumar Roy
AMNESTY International Welcomes Banning of Triple Talaq In India


THE AMENSTY International has hailed The Supreme Court of India’s judgement declaring Triple Talaq as illegal as a major step to women’s empowerment. The India’s apex court has ruled that the instant divorce in one go by a Muslim male to his spouse is unconstitutional and against the tenets of Islam. Despite close to 20 Muslim nations including Bangladesh and Pakistan banning it , the obnoxious social practice had continued in India among the Sunni Muslims. Several Muslim women activists had lodged petitions in the Supreme Court demanding its ban. The Government Of India headed by Narendra Modi has wholeheartedly supported the appeal for banning it saying India’s Constitution guarantees   gender equality. Triple Talaq is against country’s Constitution, it told the SC through The Attorney General.

In a statement, Asmita Basu, Programme Director at Amnesty International India said: “We welcome the Supreme Court’s judgment. Triple Talaq is a discriminatory practice that violates women’s right to equality, and has devastated the lives of many Muslim women”.

Hence, striking down the practice of Triple Talaq by the Supreme Court among Muslims is a step forward for women’s rights in India, Basu said. After the apex court has rightly declared Talaq-e-Biddat unconstitutional and “We cannot support the discriminatory practice that violates women’s right to equality devastating lives of many Muslim women”, she added. “ We urge the government to repeal all religious family laws that violate women’s right to equality, without exception, “The Amnesty International further said. Incidentally, the landmark judgement was pronounced on a petition filed two years ago by Shayara Bano, a Muslim woman from Uttarakhand. He husband for 15 years sent her a letter with ‘Talaq’ written three times on it and left it to her. Similar petitions filed by four other women were heard with Shayara Bano’s petition. Although major Indian political parties have welcomed the judgement, Bengal Chief Minister heading the ruling TMC and Lalu Prasad Yadav led RJD maintain studied silence.

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