BJP Is Confident Of Winning Amethi Lok Sabha Constituency in 2019 Defeating Rahul Gandhi

October 11th, 2017 | by eBangla Bureau
BJP Is Confident Of Winning Amethi Lok Sabha Constituency in 2019 Defeating Rahul Gandhi


AS  Congress  Vice  President  Rahul Gandhi is  lampooning  NDA Government ,especially  PM Narendra Modi,  in poll –bound Gujarat,  BJP has  launched a frontal attack  on Congress party’s  number two    in his Amethi Parliamentary  Constituency  accusing  him of doing nothing  in the area  and its neighbourhood  despite  keeping it as the Gandhi family’s  pocket borough for several  years. The people and the area remain socially and economically poor even after remaining under the control of three generations of Gandhis, BJP National President Amit Shah added. Addressing a rally, Shah alleged Amethi was known all over the world as a Nehru-Gandhi family bastion, but there has been no development. Rahul Gandhi travelled  all over the country asking  what the NDA Government   was doing  for development  but remained silence on his own track record as the people’s representative in Amethi, he added. He said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi would develop Uttar Pradesh.“You have trusted a family for 60 years, now trust the BJP and Modi and you will not feel betrayed,” Shah tells people at the rally as Smiriti Irani. Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting and Textiles, says Rahul Gandhi Projects himself  as the farmers’ true friends. What he has done in Amethi and its neighbourhood for the poor farmers.

Shah said: “Rahul Gandhi cannot see development as he sports Italian spectacles.”“We have given a prime minister who speaks,” said Shah on Rahul Gandhi’s poser on what the BJP has done.Smriti Irani launched a blistering attack against Rahul Gandhi and alleged that the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in his Constituency had not returned the land taken from farmers given them false promises.”Rahul, who used to talk about relief to farmers, did not return their land taken by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation here,” the fiery lady who proposed to contest against Rahul Gandhi in the 2019 Lok Sabha poll, said. In a broadside against the Congress vice-president and Amethi MP, Irani said she wanted to address those who saw Amethi just from the vote bank point of view.

“There is no collector’s office here. If Rahul is hearing me today I want to say that you used to talk about development in the country and abroad. You make a mockery of development in Gujarat,” she said. Referring to the closure of a cycle factory called Samrat, she said, “… the country was surprised that the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, headed by Rahul, which did not do any commercial activities..The land should be freed and given back to the farmers.”

Irani had created a stir in 2015 when she accused the top Congress leadership of usurping nearly 65 acres of land acquired from farmers for setting up a manufacturing unit, Samrat Cycle, a project that never materialised. Noting that the BJP won four out of five seats during the 2017 assembly polls when Shah had come here, Irani said, “In 2019 (Lok Sabha polls) BJP will win here.”  During the 2014 polls, she said she had gone to a village which had been boycotting elections.”When I asked villagers why they were doing so, they said they could not meet their leader. Then I told them that Rahul might not have time, but I will be available for you and requested the village head to vote,” she said. Irani led a high-voltage campaign against Rahul Gandhi in Amethi in 2014. Gandhi secured 4, 08,651 votes against Irani’s 3, 00,748 despite joining the fray late. Though Irani lost to Rahul Gandhi in Amethi LS poll, she managed to reduce his victory margin from around 3.70 lakh in 2009 to 1.07 lakh in 2014.She claims that a former Congress MLA along with 60-70 village Pradhans had joined the BJP in the Parliamentary Constituency.

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