CENTRE Pledged To Grant ST Status To Assam’s 6 Communities: Ramdas Athawale

October 10th, 2017 | by eBangla Bureau
CENTRE Pledged To Grant ST Status To Assam’s  6 Communities: Ramdas Athawale


THE GOI is committed to giving scheduled tribe status  to six communities  in Assam .The Centre has received  recommendation in this regard from Sonowal Government, said Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment  Ramdas Athawale in Guwahati on Sunday. Yes, We have received the proposal to include the OBC communities Koch-Rajbongshi, Tai-Ahom, Chutiya, Moran, Muttock and the Adivasi tea-tribes in the ST category .They are justified .We (The Centre ) support their demand ,” Athawale said. The communities have been agitating for several years in support of their demand. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also given the assurance that the communities will be accorded ST status and “we will definitely pursue it and ensure that it happens.”If the Schedule Tribe Commission examines and recommends it, “then a Bill can be introduced in the Parliament and ST status to these communities can be granted,” the Union Minister told media persons .Besides these communities, the government would also like to provide reservation to economically backward people of certain general caste communities like the Kalita and Brahmins in Assam, Athawale said.“There are many people in these general castes who are economically backward and are in need of reservations in both jobs and education,” he added. But the problem is under the Constitution reservation cannot be exceeded beyond  50 per cent, he added.Incidentally, Kalitas claim to belong to the Kshatriya caste, and call themselves kulalupta meaning caste and lupta meaning gone (“degraded caste”) in the context of the legend that the Kalitas “were Kshatriyas who fled from the wrath of Lord Parasurama who had punished wicked Kshatriyas to restore respect for the Brahmins who were noted for knowledge about scriptures and devoted to teaching. The Kalitas in Assam are considered next only to the Brahmins in the caste-hierarchy. The Assamese Brahmins are stated to be the decedents of the Brahmins who had come from Kannakubja now in Uttar Pradesh and called Kanauj.

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