DONALD Trump: “MY Asian Tour Is Tremendous Success :Have re-established America As A Global Player”

November 17th, 2017 | by Sukumar Roy
DONALD Trump: “MY Asian Tour Is Tremendous Success :Have re-established  America As A Global Player”


DONALD Trump: “MY Asian Tour Is Tremendous Success :Have re-established  America As A Global Player”AN elated POTUS Donald Trump says his just concluded 12-day Asia tour is a “tremendous success” as The United States is now acknowledged as a global leader in international affairs. Making a statement on his five-nation tour, President said the United States has unified the world against North Korean Nuclear program and paved the way for free and Indo-Pacific  reciprocal trade relations with the RIM .The days of The United States taken advantage of are over, he said at The Historic White House. He had fruitful dialogue with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. But President Trump didn’t repeat his oft repeated military action against Kim John-Un led nation .An agreement has been reached with China  and other  nations on exercising the maximum pressure  on North Korea as Beijing has gone on record that China will not do anything leading  to the collapse of the North Korean government. President Xi recognizes that a nuclear North Korea is also a grave threat to China, and we agreed that we would not accept a so-called “freeze for freeze” agreement like those that have consistently failed in the past.  We made that time is running out and we made it clear, and all options remain on the table. I also had very candid conversations with President Xi about the need to reduce our staggering trade deficit with China and for our trading relationship to be conducted on a truly fair and equitable basis.  We can no longer tolerate unfair trading practices that steal American jobs, wealth, and intellectual property.  The days of the United States being taken advantage of are over. In China, we also announced $250 billion worth in trade-investment deals that will create jobs in the United States”, he added. From China, The President and his  entourage had flown  to the city of Da Nang in Vietnam, to attend the Leaders Meeting for APEC — Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.  There,  He had  spoken  to a major gathering of business leader reminding the world of America’s historic role in the Pacific as a force for freedom and for peace, President Trump said. He offered America’s vision for robust trading relationships in which Indo-Pacific nations can all prosper and grow together.  “I announced that the United States is ready to make bilateral trade deals with any nation in the region that wants to be our partner in fair and reciprocal trade. We will never again turn a blind eye to trading abuses, to cheating, economic aggression, or anything else from countries that profess a belief in open trade, but do not follow the rules or live by its principles themselves “he said. No international trading organization can function if members are allowed to exploit the openness of others for unfair economic gain.  Trade abuses harm the United States and its workers — but no more.  No more.”We will take every trade action necessary to achieve the fair and reciprocal treatment that the United States has offered to the rest of the world for decades”.

 The US President also made very clear that the United States will promote a free and open Indo-Pacific in which nations enjoy the independence and respect they deserve. Vietnamese are taking new actions to enforce sanctions on North Korea.  In addition, United States committed to expand trade and investment between our countries, and we pledged to address the imbalances.  “I am particularly pleased that the United States and Vietnam recently announced $12 billion in commercial agreements, which will include $10 billion in U.S. content. Finally, I visited the Philippines, where I met with numerous world leaders at the U.S.-ASEAN and East Asia Summits.  At ASEAN — the Association of Southeast Asian Nations — we made it clear that no one owns the ocean.  Freedom of navigation and over flight is critical to the security and prosperity of all nations. He also met with the Prime Ministers of India, Australia, and Japan to discuss our shared commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific. At the East Asia Summit, the United States negotiated and signed four important leaders’ statements on the use of chemical weapons, money laundering, poverty alleviation, and countering terrorist propaganda and financing. Over the last two weeks, “we have made historic strides in reasserting American leadership, restoring American security, and reawakening American confidence. The momentum from our trip will launch us on our continued effort to accomplish the three core objectives I outlined:  to unite the world against North Korean nuclear threat, to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific region, and to advance fair and reciprocal economic relations with our trading partners and allies in the region. We have established a new framework for trade that will ensure reciprocity through enforcement actions, reform of international organizations, and new fair trade deals that benefit the United States and our partners”, Trump added. 







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