INTERNATIONAL Media Says PM Modi Is Set To Win 2019 LS Poll

March 17th, 2017 | by Pranab Kumar Chakravarty
INTERNATIONAL Media Says PM Modi Is Set To Win 2019 LS Poll
India Global Watch

AS  the defeated  political parties in India have not stopped belittling PM Narendra Modi leading the ruling BJP  winning the recent assembly poll  in  four of the five states ,particularly the caste polarised  the most populous states Uttar Pradesh, the foreign political analysts  have hailed his significant  victory and see Modi’s re-emergence after the 2019 Parliamentary elections. Chinese experts are of the view that BJP’s landslide victory has “implications” for the Sino-India ties as it could further embolden Modi’s “hard-line attitude” and it may not be possible for compromise with Beijing with its totally different worldview. The Chinese media says Modi is a “man of action” with “hard-line attitude” under whom India’s domestic and international polices have undergone a sea change. Modi has changed India’s policy not to offend anyone in international spheres, it added. In the first commentary by the Chinese media controlled by the ruling Communist party it has noted vigorous support received by the Modi led BJP in the state elections. An op-ed published in the Global Times said the results “not only have increased Modi’s chance to win India’s 2019 Lok Sabha elections, some even predict he is already set for a second term”.”Modi’s hard-line attitude is embodied in both his domestic policies, such as the ban on high-value currency notes and in his diplomatic logic,” it said. India’s previous attitude of trying never to offend anyone in international affairs has been given up by the country under Modi who is unlike his predecessors taking a clear cut stance on controversial issues to maximise its own interests, the international political analysts say.

In Delhi, BJP leadership today set the tone for the Lok Sabha polls about two and half years away at its Parliamentary Party meeting today with Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking party leaders to reach out to youth who will be dominant factor in the elections. Most of them will be the first time voters.BJP’s National President Amit Shah reminded the parliamentarians that the next LS poll for  543 seats is  the next big challenge for the party and hence, the party and its MPs cannot afford to remain complacent  after the landslide win in the just concluded elections in five states.BJP has been able to reach out to the Dalits most of whom have voted for it in UP and other states incurring the wrath of Mayawati, the self projected Messiah of the Dalit and OBC communities.BJP  has decided to initiate week-long events commencing from Baba Sahib Bhim Rao Ambedkar birth anniversary on April 14.

The party will observe the week-long exercise at Panchayat and ward level. BJP will also celebrate its Foundation Day on April 6 to promote ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign.PM Modi asked party leaders to work during the week for the popularisation BHIM app, a digital payment application, by educating the masses about it and helping them download it, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar told media persons .He was briefing them on the deliberation at the Parliamentary Party’s meet.

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