JD (U) –NDA Alliance Is Irrevocable: Sharad Yadav Is Free To Take whatever Decision He Intends To, Says Nitish Kumar

August 12th, 2017 | by Pranab Kumar Chakravarty
JD (U) –NDA Alliance Is Irrevocable:  Sharad Yadav Is Free To Take whatever Decision He Intends To, Says Nitish Kumar


BIHAR Chief Minister and Janata Dal (United) supremo Nitish Kumar on Friday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah reportedly fine-tuning the process for JD (U)’s entry into NDA headed by BJP as Congress President Sonia Gandhi is going ahead to float a front with like minded parties to take on Modi led NDA government in the 2019 nationwide Parliamentary elections. Her first meeting for this purpose was attended by Bengal Chime Minister Mamata Banerjee, Let parties and a dissident MP from the JD (U).But there was no representation from the Sharad Pawar headed NCP. It was Nitish Kumar’s first interaction with PM in the national capital after he quit the alliance with the RJD and the Congress and tied-up with the BJP on July 26 for forming the JD(U) –NDA Government in the eastern State..He told reporters after meeting Modi that it was a courtesy call and he will visit Delhi again in August end to discuss Bihar’s developmental issues with the Prime Minister. He had a luncheon meeting with Amit Shah in which both leaders are believed to have discussed ongoing political developments and other issues related to the state. JD (U) sources said the party is expected to announce its decision to formally join the BJP-led NDA in its national executive meeting on August 19 in Patna.

Asked if the party will also join the Modi cabinet, a JD (U) leader said such a decision will be “natural”.”When we are together in government in Bihar it is only natural that our party joins the Union government.” But a decision in this regard will be taken by Nitish Kumar and the party had not deliberated on the issue as of now. The JD(U) has 12 two in Members in  the Lok Sabha and 10 in the Rajya Sabha. Meanwhile, PM Modi is expected to reshuffle his Council of Ministers shortly.

Asked about senior MP Sabha Sharad Yadav, who is yet to okay JD (U) and NDA Alliance, Kumar almost shut the door on any reconciliation with Yadav saying he is free to take any decision as the alliance with the BJP had the entire party’s nod.”He (Yadav) is free to take his decision. As far as party is concerned, it has already taken its decision. The decision was not mine alone and it was taken with the consent of the party. If he keeps a different opinion, then he is free to do
so,” Kumar said. Asked about the Opposition parties’ meet CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said that the opposition parties have to build an alternative narrative to counter Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP, whose political power has reached a historic high in the last three years after the party won a series of Assembly poll.He said that this could be done through effective strategy and taking up of pro-people issues such as the agrarian crisis. The meeting would deliberate on these matters, he said. He indicated that a small group of opposition leaders might be formed to carry forward the consultation process.


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