MASS Graves Of Hindus Exhumed in Rohingya Inhabited Area : Myanmar Authorities

October 4th, 2017 | by Sukumar Roy
MASS Graves Of Hindus Exhumed in Rohingya Inhabited Area : Myanmar Authorities


AS The Government of India says it cannot shelter Rohingya refugees and the Supreme Court of India is yet to give verdict on a plea for giving them asylum, official reports have revealed that the Rohingya Muslims chased Hindus out of their hearths and homes and attacked them with Sticks and Knives.  Mass graves of 92 Hindus have been unearthed.  They Rohingya Muslims did not spare even pregnant women and one of the survivors says she had to deliver her baby in an open Stadium, asserted by the Myanmarese authorities. Jammu & Kashmir first Woman Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, ex-CM Omar Abdullah said that the Rohingya Muslims are not terrorists and Indian MP Asaduddin Owaisi championed their cause for allowing them to enter India. Congress Leader  Manish Tiwari,  AICC  Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala, ex-Congress Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar, all bracketed with vociferous liberal brigade, have turned mute after  merciless killings of Hindus in Myanmar by the Rohingya militants  have come to light .are speechless now.  Though media and so-called human rights groups are speaking out for the Bengali Rohingya Muslims, they are missing the most important facts about the violent nature of this illegal Muslim community in Myanmar, and their history of murders and rapes against both Buddhists and Hindus there. In fact, it is the violence and terrorism waged by these Muslims from Bangladesh that has triggered the response by the Buddhist majority, who are killing and driving out these Muslims in order to protect their nation and their cultural identity. Speaking in and outside Parliament Union Minister for Home Affairs and a seasoned politico Rajnath Singh has said repeatedly that Rohingyas are illegal immigrants and not refugees. He argued that since Rohingyas in India have not sought asylum following the due process, they can’t be called refugees. “Some immigrants have come illegally. We have filed an affidavit in Supreme Court about them. Do not make a mistake of calling them (Rohingyas) refugees. They are illegal immigrants,” Rajnath said.The Home Minister pointed out that since India is not a signatory to the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees, it cannot be accused of violating international laws. Rajnath also asked why some people were opposing deportation of Rohingyas when Myanmar was ready to accept them. He has a point since their native country is willing to allow to live. On Monday, Myanmar’s State Councillor Aung Sang Sue Ki said that after verification Rohingyas can be allowed back in Myanmar. “Those who have been verified as refugees will be accepted without any problems and with full assurance of security and access to humanitarian aid,” she said.  The suave Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s verbally criticised the human rights law while he was inaugurating a two-day National Seminar on Good Governance, Development and Human Rights, organised by the National Human Rights Commission.  NHRC chairman D L Dattu was on the dais as Rajnath Singh chided the human rights community for criticising India’s stance on Rohingyas ignoring India’s security scenario.”Western human rights have been achieved through struggle for years but in India it always existed. Our country has taken oral universal declaration for protecting human rights voluntarily and remains committed to the cause, he added. Referring to the Navratri fest, Rajnath said if the human right activists have performed Navratri Puja, they would have heard the priest chanting AUM Shanti Shloka. It shows our commitment,” he said after reciting the Sanskrit shloka.  NHRC chief D L Dattu, a former Supreme Court Judge, however maintained that NHRC will speak in favour of Rohingyas irrespective of the government’s stand. “We will plead the case of 40,000 Rohingyas on humanitarian ground. Cannot comment on government policy but we are helping them because they are being persecuted in Myanmar,” Dattu said.  AIMIM’s Chief Asaduddin Owaisi, MP, criticised Rajnath’s statement calling it disingenuous. “Whole world knows Rohingyas are stateless. Myanmar does not accept them as citizens. The Narendra Modi government amended citizenship act saying Hindus, Christians, Parsis and others coming to India from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan without documents will be accepted. Why is the Rohingya issue being looked through prism of religion?” he said. The Union home ministry maintains that the Rohingyas in India have been coming in since 2012 and are not part of the current exodus being seen in Myanmar.  MHA sources told CNN-News18 that there is high alert on Indo-Myanmar and Indo-Bangla border and no reports have come so far of any Rohingya trying to cross over in last few days. Some academics are of the view that the sheltering Rohingyas in India should not be politicised to take on BJP led NDA Government. What is most important is national security since several Rohingyas are being utilised by some Pakistan based terror groups defaming their own community besides harming them as well.

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