RSS Chief Says Ram Temple Will Be Built At His Birth Place & Called For Ending Obnoxious Caste System

December 1st, 2017 | by eBangla Bureau
RSS Chief Says Ram Temple Will Be Built At His Birth Place & Called For Ending Obnoxious Caste System


RASHTRIYA Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) chief  Mohan Bhagwat has made it clear that there will be no compromise  on the oft- repeated demand that a grand  temple in must be built  at Ayodhya now in Uttar Pradesh  where Lord Ramchandra was born over 5,000  BC and reigned establishing himself as a ideal ruler and a regime where there was no discrimination. In his inaugural address at the Dharma Sansad in Karnataka’s Udupi , he said “Our stand is very clear that we need a temple at the Rama Janambhoomi. There is no question of any change.  But we should ensure that we refrain from creating  a hurdle in this process.” Mohan Bhagwat reminded the seers who were participating in the assembly of seers representing The Hindu faith: “We’ll construct the temple. It is not a populist declaration but a matter of our faith. It will not change. It will be constructed there only.” He called for creation of public awareness as well as the need to tread with caution. “We are close to achieving our goal but at this juncture, we should be extra cautious not to create any hurdle by making uncalled for comments or views on the issue,” he said. VHP general secretary Champat Raiji said his organisation would not succumb to pressure to abandon the demand for construction of the temple at Lord Rama Chandra ‘birth place adding “Our stand remains clear since 1984. We want a temple at Ram Janambhoomi.”The Hindu outfits have softened their stand on the Muslim community since Shia Muslims have agreed to shift their mosque to Lucknow and allow the construction of the Rama Mandir at Ayodhya. Referring to untouchability, Bhagwat said the Hindus needed to stop the evil system and treat all Hindus equally. People should be educated about the economic benefits of banning cow slaughter .Cows produced milk and dairy products, he added. Referring to conversions, he advised Hindu activists to convince the neglected sections of society to not to be lured by temptations by changing their faith .They should be convinced by non-violent means.Sri Vishwesha Teertha Swamiji of Pejawar Mutt in his presidential address said he was sure a temple would be built at Ayodhya and the work would start in a year. Sri Paramatmanandaji also stressed the need for careful handling the issue related to the Rama Janambhoomi issue. Briefing media about the deliberation in the meet, VHP general secretary, Champat Rai said the saffron outfits would not withdraw their demand for a temple at Ayodhya. “Our stand has been clear since 1984. We want a temple at Ayodhya- Rama Janambhoomi and do not want a mosque in the memory of Babur in any part of our country”. Dharma Sansad organising the three-day event is a congregation of 2,000 Hindu saints, mutt heads and VHP leaders from across the country, he added.Meanwhile, UP CM Yogi Adityanath is taking keen interest in developing Ayodhya, about 610 km from Delhi and 135 Km from the State’s capital Lucknow , as a tourist destination.

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