Mix Fruit Chutney (মিক্স ফ্রুট চাটনি)

March 15th, 2016 | by Sharmistha Sar
Mix Fruit Chutney (মিক্স ফ্রুট চাটনি)


Green mango (Chopped):1/2 cup

Whole red Chilli (Dry):4pcs

Tomato (chopped):2 cup

Raisins (কিসমিস):20 pcs

Black pepper:½ tsp

Pineapple (chopped):1/2 cup

Sugar:3 tsp

Panch foron (পাঁচ ফরণ):1 tsp

Red Chilli Powder: to taste

Salt:2 tsp

Refined Oil: 4 tsp


Take a Kadhai  (ফ্রাইং প্যান), add 4tsp of refined oil into it and put it on oven. Once heat up, add panch foron (পাঁচ ফরণ) and red chilli into it and fry them for few seconds. Now add the chopped green mangoes (কাঁচা আম), tomatoes and chopped pine apples into it. Cook it for few minutes. Now add black pepper, salt, sugar, red chilli powder and mix them well. Pour some water into it and cook them until the fruits become soft. Mash all the fruits properly. Add raisin (কিসমিস) and cover the Kadhai (ফ্রাইং প্যান). Cook it for few more minutes. And delicious mix fruit chutney is ready. Serve mix fruit Chutney with Biryani, Fried Rice or Roti (wheat cake).

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